How Do Your Call Center Supervisors Measure Up Training

We all know that frontline supervisors are not successful because they were your best agents. They need to be developed. And forward-thinking organization know this. So, they are not eliminating supervisor training, they are just cancelling supervisor training classes and implementing a more modern approach of blended learning.

I got a chance to learn more about the “training class” topic with Master Contact Center Trainer Penny Reynolds on the webinar How Do Your Call Center Supervisors Measure Up? She shared her expert perspectives on how things have changed and where the industry is headed.

Here is an edited excerpt from the webinar:

Jim Rembach: Contact centers are actually canceling their supervisor leadership development classes; however, they’re not ending learning they’re actually doing something different. And we recently had the opportunity to get an answer to what that actually is, when Penny Reynolds Master Call Center Trainer actually shared that with this us on a recent webinar. So, let’s see what Penny had to say.

Penny Reynolds: I am so impressed with the depth and breadth of what you’re offering and I absolutely agree; having done supervisor training for many, many years. While I would love to go out and stand for two days and interact and do the classroom training – you know I missed it actually.

But I think you’re right. Getting training that way and then you’ve been away from the center for a couple of days and you’re back and your notebook goes on the shelf and you’re immersed again. And maybe you retain a few little things. So, I truly believe that getting the knowledge in these little smaller pieces and then getting to apply it in so many ways and then getting to talk to others doing the same thing and having the same struggles, that is the approach.

All the different pieces, all the different kinds of learning, I think are critical (Call Center Supervisor Success Path). And some people are going to a like one kind better than another and focus more on that. And others will like the chatting online, others are going to just like – give me my digital thing and I want to read this. I think there’s something for everyone here, so it’s an impressive curriculum.

Jim Rembach: Thank you. And you bring up a really good point because the classroom does have its place. And it is totally appropriate for certain types of learning. However, when you start looking at things like we’re talking about here – that we need to learn as leading in a contact center – is that a lot of it is within your work flow.

It’s things that are happening within the day and things that come about. And so, classroom is totally appropriate. However, this is an element and going in a virtual in environment in a virtual way gives you the opportunity to have perspectives that you just can’t get from a four-walled classroom.

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