This one word infuriates customers and you use it EVERYDAY

Watch and share your words to avoid

Don’t Sabbotage Yourself

Selecting the right word can help to set a tone of trust. When you use the right words, you’ll end up with less escalations and problems. When you don’t, it infuriates customers. For call center supervisors, communication is an important skill to master. As part of your Supervisor Success Path, Communication and Change Management is a core competency that will help to set the tone for your contact center and your career success.

  • Pause before you respond and choose the right word for the receiver

  • Focus on sharing what you can do versus can’t do

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Call Center Supervisor Success Path

Supervisor Success Path

The Supervisor Success Path was developed based on experiences and insights of other successful Call Center Supervisors. It is a competency-based model and defined path with critical-to-success behaviors and skills you’ll find in all successful supervisors.

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