Set Your Speech Analytics Program Straight

/Set Your Speech Analytics Program Straight

Set Your Speech Analytics Program Straight

Many organizations acquire technology to address pressing challenges in their contact center and while your ship initially sets sail on a positive path, changes in executive sponsorship, technology champions and competing priorities can sometimes cause inertia in your program initiatives. But, there is a way to right the ship and course correct your speech analytics program.

Join Contact Center subject matter expert Jim Rembach of the Fast Leader Show along with Tony Pirotta, Chief Compliance Officer of Credit Control, LLC and Jennifer Buffaloe, CallMiner Customer Success Director for a compelling conversation on their experiences and insights. They will discuss the initial launch, how to overcome internal challenges and ongoing utilization of speech analytics to drive sustainable success in the modern contact center.

Attendees to this informative webinar will learn about:

  • The evolving role of speech analytics in contact center environments
  • The “Do’s and Don’ts” of initial program deployment
  • Common causes of project inertia
  • How to get the “wind back in your sail” and reinvigorate your speech analytics program
  • How to sustain momentum to achieve your evolving speech analytics goals


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September 27, 2017
2:00PM EDT

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About the Author:

Jim Rembach
Jim Rembach is the president of Call Center Coach, host of the Fast Leader Show and a former call center supervisor. He is a Call Center Leadership Council Member, CX Expert for the Customer Experience Professionals Association and a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) practitioner. He is a contact center auditor and employee retention specialist, and holds a US trademark for the “Servant Teamwork®” leadership and organizational transformation methodology and inventor of the Accelerated Skill Development method used by Call Center Coach. Jim has authored nine books regarding contact center quality, employee engagement, customer experience and leadership development.
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