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Improving your frontline leader skills is vital to your success, but it takes time. However, time is limited and scarce in contact centers and sometimes you just want to make a difference…quickly.

Actionable techniques to get fast results with easy to use tools

Each QuickWin gives you a series of practical instructions to make improvements. Learn why the technique or approach is important, how to achieve it, and what results you might expect.

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In this QuickWin, learn the behavior pattern that distinguishes new leaders who thrive in their positions from those who struggle to get a “quick win”.

In this QuickWin, you learn how to improve your ability to not overreact or take things personally and keep your thoughts clean when facing any given situation.

In this QuickWin, learn how to better exchange information, persuade others to accept your message, and solve problems through communication.

In this QuickWin, learn methods to motivate yourself and consistently use it as your main drive to reach success.

In this QuickWin, learn about why motivating people doesn’t work and to challenge what you think about human motivation.

In this QuickWin, understand and relate with coworkers who are different than you and drive change.

In this QuickWin, learn how to create a better place to work and avoid the perceived systemic problem of high contact center turnover and low morale.

In this QuickWin, better understand what to do as a person responsible for the performance of agents and how to obtain higher performance.

In this QuickWin, you’ll learn how to apply a more effective framework and method to leading change that generates a higher probability of success.

In this QuickWin, learn to leveraging time resourcefully to pursue important goals and maximize outcomes.

In this QuickWin, you’ll learn how to implement the core behaviors that build your trustworthiness and authority.

In this QuickWin, learn to manage conflict well to spark creativity and challenge employees to create better outcomes.

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