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What Is Call Center Coach?

Just what you need, when you need it.

Call Center Coach Academy is an online elearning and peer-driven member community that provides everything a growing call center supervisor/lead/manager needs.

It includes the Supervisor Success Path (based on the six competencies needed to be a successful supervisor) on-demand learning modules which leads your frontline leaders to become a Certified Call Center Supervisor. Unlike other programs where you pay more than $2,900, they can take it at their own pace anywhere, anytime. Instead of a once and done development solution, at Call Center Coach we give them step-by-step guidance, support, and additional learning opportunities from a private community of peers and experts.

With Call Center Coach, your people get the 3 core things every frontline supervisor needs…
Call Center Coach Community
#1 – A Close-Knit Community they will fall in love with.

Learning experts have revealed that learning and development is greatly enhanced with professional learning communities of practice. With millions of supervisors in the call center industry, Call Center Coach has the only Supervisor Exclusive Community that provides on-demand learning and enables and guides members to success. Members get relevant, realistic, and rapid development opportunities, industry insights and much more.

PLUS: We mange the community daily and monitor questions and answers for appropriate direction to your internal departments for assistance.

#2 – Personal Advice

to help them move forward faster.

We help to build confidence, success, and deliver greater value to your company. Your frontline leaders will improve their employee AND customer engagement skills. Their skill development will be accelerated and they will gain greater perspective from interacting with peers from around the globe.

With our peer-driven community, monthly Q&A and Mastermind webinars, plus everything we share from behind-the-scenes in the industry, they will receive tons of up-to-date guidance, personalized feedback, and inspiration to move forward faster.

Get Personal Advice
#3 – Customized Trainings
with our Supervisor Success Path

The Call Center Supervisor Success Path was developed by Call Center Coach (founded 1999) more than a decade ago and it’s been converted into elearning modules and made available on-demand.

Our Supervisor Success Path Model helps your frontline leaders focus on the 6 core competencies that have created successful supervisors. No more guessing and seeking information that might work. No more failures because of promoting your best agent to become a failing supervisor.

They are presented with the most important and relevant trainings and to-dos. They will know exactly what to focus on and what NOT to.

Think of the Supervisor Success Path as the GPS of their supervisor career or the “YOU ARE HERE” marker on the call center leadership map. They will now know where they are in their career development and how to get where they need to go.

The Supervisor Success Path makes growing their career as straightforward and simplified as possible.

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Call Center Coach Academy is the only learning and development solution that is exclusively for supervisors and emerging frontline leaders. No more information overload and lack of direction. No more wasted money, time, or effort. Just results.

Certify Your Supervisors

…validate and acknowledge their skills and competencies by enrolling them in Call Center Coach.


What Trainings Will They Be Given?
Here’s a small taste of what they get (and learn)

They will learn how to develop a vision and mission that can be operationalized, and how to monitor and coach to foster the spirit of team work for winning results. they will learn ways to create an environment for enthusiastic, productive and satisfied employees.