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What Trainings Will You Have Access To?
Here’s a small taste of what you’ll get (and learn!)

Learn how to develop a vision and mission that can be operationalized, and how to monitor and coach to foster the spirit of team work for winning results. Study ways to create an environment for enthusiastic, productive and satisfied employees.

Learn how to wow customers, anticipate their future needs with continuous improvement initiative, and creative innovation. Listening effectively to what your representatives tell you, what your customers are saying, and then using good judgment.

Identify how to get results while being fiscally responsible. Learn how to prioritize competing initiatives, create measures, policies and procedures to meet bottom line results, and proactively plan for success. Find winning ways to deal with performance issues.

Learn how to communicate with multiple channels and departments. Improve your influence skills so new ideas get adopted, use specific tools to persuasively present your position. Find out how to leverage diversity and others’ perspectives.

Uncover how to foster communication, and create an open environment for others to exchange ideas and tools to create for understanding complex information. Learn the important tools to prepare and manage change for a positive impact on your team and organization.

Discover how to stay up to date and understand the industry, how to assess the competition, and expected future developments and challenges. Know how the business operates and analyze potential impacts of decisions to establish yourself as a valued member of the organization.

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Supervisor Success Path Course Details

In this 6-module course, you’ll begin your journey on the 6 skills found in all successful frontline supervisors. Learn and validate your knowledge and skills.

Module 1:

Staff Development
Lesson 1: Hiring the Right Employees
Lesson 2: Mission and Vision Statements
Lesson 3: Meet and Exceed Goals
Lesson 4: Planning Staff Schedules
Lesson 5: Stretch for Success
Lesson 6: Communication
Lesson 7: Celebrating Success

Module 2:

Customer Service and Sales
Lesson 1: Meet Customer Needs
Lesson 2: Resolving Customer Issues and Concerns
Lesson 3: Modeling Service and Sales Behaviors
Lesson 4: Fostering Continuous Improvement
Lesson 5: Acting Decively
Lesson 6: Active Listening

Module 3:

Results Orientation
Lesson 1: Fiscal Responsibility
Lesson 2: Find Innovative Solutions
Lesson 3: Managing Performance
Lesson 4: Critical Thinking
Lesson 5: Communication Channels
Lesson 6: Escalation Management