Supervisor training with Call Center Coach’s virtual boot camps can take on a variety of developmental areas. A primary mission in modern learning is to disrupt the the old-school ways of training and provide ways for modern learners to be more engaged and to “do” new things, instead of just learning about it. Virtual boot camps provide a hands-on and action-based way for contact supervisor training to deliver greater value. Our newest boot camp is on contact center fitness.

“Contact Center Fitness Goes Beyond Metrics”

Working in contact centers can encourage some unhealthy lifestyles. Sitting for hours at a time and eating and drinking things that come from a machine will not positively impact your life. Ever. In this Call Center Coach Boot Camp we’ll cover several aspect of fitness which include, mind, body and motivation.

Each day, for 14 days virtual campers can access a new video in their Private Facebook Community with instructions and an opportunity to share their experience, learning, exercising, and to get motivated with other boot campers.

The entire Call Center Coach Boot Camp delivers a new challenge each day. The Contact Center Fitness Boot Camp challenges learners to do something new to create better mind, body, and motivation habits that help them to become better fit both mentally and physically, in themselves and others.

With social, mobile, virtual, on-demand, just-in-time, and real-time becoming all part of the modern learner experience, virtual boot camps are a core element in the disruption in contact center training.

Boot Camp Power Kit

As part of Call Center Coach’s blended learning, all campers receive a Boot Camp Power Kit which contains:

  • Instructions
  • Workout Plan
  • Calendar
  • QuickGuide

All boot camp material can be accessed at anytime over a 12-week period. Campers can either participate each day as new challenges go live or participate as their schedule allows.

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