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If you wait for others to build your skills and knowledge, you’ll lose years…

Counting on someone else to help you grow?

Working yourself crazy hoping to get noticed?

Waiting to get coached and mentored by someone who just doesn’t have the time?

And you know (again and again) that feeling when…

  • You get excited about a new opportunity with better pay and a better shift. But you quickly realize that you may not be as qualified as other applicants because everything you learned was by trial and error. Was thinking you had a chance another error?
  • You’ve found the perfect vacation package, but the dates are limited. So now you have to bid for getting “time off” with everyone else. If you were the top performer, you’d get first pick and be assured of that once in a life trip.
  • You’d like to learn new things and be in charge of additional projects. You didn’t get it, and are saddened when you realize two other folks have been there longer. And the only difference between you and them is experience they gained from time on the job.
  • You feel like you can handle anything, and then you get knocked back when one of your best agents goes and complains about you to your boss and quits. You thought for certain that of all people on the team, if they ever had an issue, they would confide in you firs to work it out.

It feels like you’re caught somewhere between wanting to tell yourself “I got this,” and wanting your boss to tell you “I’ll teach you everything you need to know!” and run away (possibly to some conference). Yeah, but none of that contains your path to success.

Questions You May Ask Yourself
When You Want to Get Ahead at Work
  • What if I just work more hours?
  • How early do I have to come in to stand out?
  • Could I make my peers look bad in order to get ahead? Tell a lie about them? 

Yeah, that might be extreme but (admit it) we’ve heard of worse.

The point?

Do not waste your energy on wishful and hopeful ways to get ahead.

As ambitious, driven, and hardworking as you are, you’re ready to take action and get on the fast track to success. And you know there’s only one way to do it…

It’s time to invest in you.
[put that big smile on your face…]

Yeah. You’re ready to make your own destiny and not wait for everyone else, so you can finally…

  • Be the go-to person that everyone seeks out. (bigger smile)
  • Work for the premiere companies and be the candidate that all other candidates are held against. (role model!)
  • Make your money on the higher end of the pay scale, because you make above average look good. (be proud)
  • Be the supervisor that coaches the new supervisors. (mentor!)
  • Capture the schedule and shift you want, and that others wish they had. (yea for you!)

Here you come…on the fast path to success, a job you adore, and an awesome career!!!

You’re ready for this, and you’re so ready for the work it takes to accomplish too.

But there’s just one little problem…

As simple as it sounds building the skills and expertise to be a successful contact center supervisor requires more than just learning the technical side of the business. It requires building skills in six core competencies, a learning curve, a lot of effort, plus time, and patience. And people to help you.

We’re going to be real with you: Becoming a successful supervisor is anything but easy. But the opportunities that are available to you in this growing industry (for a long-term successful career) are well worth it.


Reason #1:
There is so much (really, it’s too much) information out there about contact center management, and investing in all of it would be crazy expensive and massively time consuming. Obtaining more information does not generate success.
Reason #2:
There’s SO much to learn. Trying to do it all at once would send you right to a nervous breakdown! It would just be crazy to not take advantage of the growing opportunities in this industry!
Reason #3:
Many low value learning options. Going to conferences to learn is very expensive and does not suit your on-demand and ongoing needs. Just getting access to numerous courses does not provide you the focus you want for gaining skills quickly. Taking classes does not help in transferring knowledge into new success behaviors.

So there you are. Working to get ahead, when things are working against you. Meanwhile no one seems to be in your corner fighting for you.

Have you felt that there’s got to be a better way to move forward? You’ve probably just scratched your head many times wondering how you ever made your way into the contact center, am I right?

Well, we’ve been there, and we get it.

And that’s exactly why we created Call Center Coach: the only Supervisor eLearning and Membership Community that gives you a customized system to create success.

In short, members of Call Center Coach get…

  • Call Center Coach’s Supervisor Success Path– modules, tools, and certification
  • Access to a Community of Practice – join like-minded supervisors and experts to gain perspective and support in a safe place to ask questions
  • Support from Coaches with over 200 years of collective experience
  • 1:1 or Group Coaching – Plus and Premium Members receive dedicated coaching to accelerate their success path
  • QuickWins – short on time? No problem. Make a difference…quickly
  • QuickTips – short bite-size videos with chunks of insight
  • 14-Day Call Center Coach Boot Camp– targeted accountability challenges where members commit to getting ONE thing done, every day, for 14 days
  • LIVE Mastermind Webinars– members get targeted advice to develop skills faster
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A Webinars– come ask questions and get answers
  • Inside the Industry – get an insider’s look into industry events, trends, and the hype to avoid
  • Meetup Groups via our “In the Huddle” program
  • A 30-day money back guarantee
All for one small monthly fee…

(Hint: it’s less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee.)

Wait. What Is Call Center Coach?

Just what you need, when you need it.

Call Center Coach is an online membership community that provides everything an ambitious call center supervisor/lead/manager like YOU needs.

Including a system to create your success and step-by-step guidance, no matter what stage of frontline leadership you’re in.

With Call Center Coach, you’ll get the 3 core things every frontline supervisor needs…
Call Center Coach Community
#1 – A Close-Knit Community that you’ll fall in love with.

With millions of supervisors in the call center industry throughout the world (and counting), Call Center Coach is the only online Supervisor Exclusive Community that enables the people who love to collaborate and help one another.

So, if you’ve been looking for other supervisors who are as devoted, ambitious, and committed to success as you are: you are in the right place!

PLUS: Our In the Huddle program will link you up with members that are interested in connecting geographically or within industry, so you can get more value out of your membership!

#2 – Personal Advice

for whatever career stage you’re in.

No matter what you need to learn to accelerate your career path, you’ve got us at your fingertips.

With our community, monthly Q&A and Mastermind webinars, plus everything we share from behind-the-scenes in the industry, you’ll have tons of up-to-date guidance, personalized feedback, and inspiration for what to do next with your career.

We’re SO excited to get to know you and dreams better! All you’ve gotta do is join Call Center Coach.

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