It’s time to replace your contact center duct tape and bailing wire

“Just hold it together for one more year!” I had an operations-day flash back for a moment thinking about needing to squeak out every inch of life from my systems. Upon reflection, I also remember the downside of holding on too long to systems and how much time, energy and frustration that created. Meeting with Jens Eckels from Avaya [...]

This Is What Destroys Contact Center Morale

Your company culture is on the wall, written in your mission statement, part of the company vision, it’s in your core values and it’s communicated. And this is what destroys contact center morale? It is a problem if your leaders do not live out these perceived commitments through their behaviors. Customers Inside and Outside - Same Just like your [...]

Contact Center Agent to Supervisor Success Path

CLICK HERE for large image Being able to accelerate the path from successful contact center agent to supervisor success is a top priority in the contact center industry. Some may contend it’s always been a priority. But now we could be entering a crisis scenario. As of now, only 18% of organizations feel they have a supply [...]

Hurry and Disrupt your Customer Support Experience

You just might need to face the fact that you are unable to move as fast as your customers want. But it might not be your fault. Your roadblock from assisting customers in accelerating down their customer journey just might be because your systems are dumb phone centric while your customer is smartphone centric. And that leaves you looking [...]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Accelerated Skill Development for Contact Center Supervisors

CLICK HERE for large image Accelerating the skill development for contact center supervisors has for a long time been a want for senior leaders. And finally, now just might be the time for us to be able to realize the dream. But as Jennifer Hofmann stated in the Report: The State of Learning and Development in 2017, we’re experiencing a [...]

Hall of Fame Contact Center Advice for Modern Times

Not too long ago, all of our skilled jobs were learned and developed through apprenticeships and mentoring. And to capture some of the wisest contact center advice we often have to look to our mentors to guide us. I was humbled and reminded of this fact as I spent some time asking Gerry Barber some questions at ICMI’s Contact [...]