An often unseen yet vital customer experience element

Can you hear me? Can you see me? Is it your problem or my problem? Is anyone willing to own the problem? Well, without any visibility into your contact center’s network performance, your answer is a resounding and overwhelming…NO! If you’re a customer experience focused organization, there are a few core metrics that can differentiate you from everyone else [...]

ALERT: Leadership Training for Supervisors Is Being Disrupted

Most all contact center executives know they need to respond aggressively to the fact that we are in a state of massive transformation and disruption in the marketplace. The contact center has been targeted as a pivotal organizational component in this age of disruption that we live in. To be intentional and proactive in their response, executives are [...]

Penny Reynolds Leads Seminar on Supervisor Performance with Call Center Coach

There are people in the contact center industry that have more than persevered, they have thrived and positively impacted thousands of people along the way. Penny Reynolds, co-founder of The Call Center School, is one of those people in the contact center industry. Join her as she leads a seminar with Call Center Coach titled: How Do Your Call [...]

How Do Your Call Center Supervisors Compare?

To assure alignment and execution of your contact center business plans, perhaps the single most important ingredient is the effectiveness of your fronltine supervisors. To a large extent, the level of your organization's long-term success relies on the effective execution of daily operations, which is led by the frontline supervisor. To know if you're at risk of creating success [...]

Mini Boot Camp – Customer Service Week 2018

Customer Service Week is an international event held the first full week in October. It’s your time to recognize and rally around the people who support and serve customers. To do that, you need to get fit and there’s no better way to do that than a mini boot camp. Creating strong customer relationships and solving customer problems every [...]

7 Tips for Creating A Contact Center that Fuels Transformation

7 Tips for Creating A Contact Center that Fuels Transformation Being a contact center leader has become more important in business transformation than being a CEO. After all, if you are going to transform, your outcome must be to be more customer-centric. From this perspective, the contact center has the ability to pinpoint the needs of your customer better [...]

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