Contact Centers Stream Past Virtual Agents to Virtual Presence

For many contact centers taking the leap to implement virtual agents to handle the simple and repetitive tasks is somewhat an easy decision to make. With improving the customer experience an imperative, alongside of controlling costs, the barriers of resistance become small. But for one contact center that implemented virtual agents, their call handle times quadrupled! What happened? For [...]

Tear Apart and Put Together Your New Contact Center

Flexibility is often an innocently misunderstood element in the contact center technology evaluation criteria. Afterall, unless you’re evaluating and implementing a wide-array of contact center technology as part of your everyday job, it’s just impossible to keep up with. But you can’t ignore this issue, or else you’ll be tearing apart and ripping out your new technology as quickly [...]

Two Factors Make It Easy for Contact Center Chat

The contact center industry can seem very fragmented at times. One thing that we must remember is there are new contact centers being opened all of the time, and in a wide range of industries. When considering live chat the same thing is true. We have some new to supporting the chat channel and some experienced at chat. But [...]

CALL FOR SPEAKERS – Contact Center Virtual Summit

The Contact Center Virtual Summit is a 3-week contact center event and the world’s largest virtual contact center conference. Taking place from July 7th through 27th, this event features a focus on frontline agent performance during the entire contact center agent life cycle. If you’re a solution provider that has solutions that are used on the frontline or improves [...]

February 26th, 2019|Categories: Contact Center Events|0 Comments

12 Ways To Show Some Love To Supervisors

80% of contact center agents leave because of their relationship with their immediate supervisor. But with all relationships, it's much better to give first - so that you shall receive. Follow these tips for building a better relationship with your Supervisor. She’ll likely love you for it! Your Supervisor today is like that elementary school teacher that you are [...]

February 14th, 2019|Categories: Agent performance, Agent skills, Contact Center Performance|Tags: |0 Comments

Reality Check: Are your customers channels or people?

I’m cursed. Are you? For years I fell into a trap that I see many in the contact center industry fall in to. It’s the trap of managing workflow for efficiency. I need to be careful not to manage queues of interactions because that’s how it’s always been done. My reality check is to remember, those are people in [...]

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