How to Get the Greatest Agent Training ROI

Contact center agent training can be a very big expenditure for a lot of organizations. For contact centers that experience higher agent turnover the expenditure is obviously much higher than for those with lower turnover. Regardless of your turnover situation, one thing is certain, the ROI (Return on Investment) on agent training is very important. Because of the importance [...]

How Top Brands Are Winning with Engaging Social Media Experiences

With social media your customers are having experiences on their own terms. They are in control. All of their experiences add up to their interpretation of your brand, product and service. But with them being in charge what must you do to make sure you’re winning the competitive battle with engaging social media experiences? This question is a significant [...]

My Obsessive Compulsive Path to 200 Podcast Episodes

It's Thanksgiving (here in the US) and I'm so thankful. I just released my 200th episode of the Fast Leader Show. Thanks to the Fast Leader Legion and all of my guests. When I started podcasting in 2015 I was worried I would be like so many other that start podcasting. Something like 99% never make it past 10 episodes and [...]

The Most Unlikely Source Is Blocking Contact Center Transformation

Change is hard, especially in the contact center industry. The humor of this eye-opener is that those of us in the contact center profession are supposed to be in the business of helping meet the needs of our ever-changing customer expectations. Leaders want their agents to be flexible and self-motivated. Yet I’m perplexed when I see contact center leaders [...]

The Modern Call Center School for Supervisors | 12 Things to Know

The world of talent development and adult learning has changed dramatically over the past few years. And leading contact centers are modernizing their learning to keep pace. They realize they must modernize or risk losing their next generation of frontline leaders to other opportunities. Get ready, because the modern call center school for supervisor skill development is much different [...]

Contact Center Supervisor Training – Virtual Boot Camp for Creativity

Virtual Boot Camps provide a hands-on and action-based way for contact supervisor training to be more engaging and fun for the learner - and significantly more affordable than any other boot camp method. As the only provider of virtual boot camps in the industry Call Center Coach is disrupting the old call center school thinking. “Nobody Wants to Sit [...]

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