How 12 Customer Service Failures Could Have Been Prevented

//How 12 Customer Service Failures Could Have Been Prevented

How 12 Customer Service Failures Could Have Been Prevented

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It’s easy to make mistakes and fail at customer service. We have all experienced poor service. Nobody is immune from it. And I must admit, I’m guilty of causing a few (maybe more) poor experiences in my career.

As a long-time industry veteran, the more customer interactions you have, the more chances you have to fail. So for me, learning from my mistakes is really the important part. Mistakes are going to be made. But making the same mistakes over and again is the insanity.

The Search for Answers

We all want answers. Me too. Insight into our mistakes can help you learn faster and repeat poor customer service experiences less. And when you can learn from the mistakes of others, it’s considerably less painful than learning first-hand.

At first I was hesitant to share my story about a bad customer experience I had several years ago. I am of the thought that the media is too full of negative customer service stories and I do not want to contribute to the tide that is eroding our honorable and noble profession.

Focus on learning

But the opportunity to help others through teaching to prevent horrible customer service persuaded me to tell my story. So I decided to contribute to the e-book 12 Customer Service Fails – And how they could have been prevented.

I also had the company of two other Board Advisors from Call Center Coach – Nate Brown and Jeremy Watkin.

We were joined by 9 other of ICMI’s Top 50 Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter:

Al Hopper, Leslie O’Flahavan, Neal Topf, Scott Ontiveroz, Erica Strother Marois, Jenny Dempsey, Patrick Russell, , Sean Hawkins, and Sarah Stealey Reed.

More than bad news

The collection of writings goes beyond telling the (not so happy) stories but also is a sharing of insights on how the experiences could have been avoided.

In the e-book you get key takeaways you can use to improve your service. You learn how to avoid making common customer service mistakes that annoy your customers.

You could even avoid the guilt of committing these service snafus yourself. Read through the e-book to find out.

Don’t let your company land in the #custservfail headlines.

Get your copy

Download this e-book for practical insight you can use to transform the service experience your company provides. Get your copy now.

Do you have a story to share? Go to the Call Center Coach Public Facebook Group and share your story and how others could prevent making the same mistakes.




About the Author:

Jim Rembach
Jim Rembach is the Board of Advisor Chair for Call Center Coach. He is also a former call center supervisor. He is a Call Center Leadership Council Member, CX Expert for the Customer Experience Professionals Association and is a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) practitioner. He is a contact center auditor and employee retention specialist, and holds a US trademark for the “Servant Teamwork®” leadership and organizational transformation methodology. Jim has authored nine books regarding contact center quality, employee engagement, customer experience and leadership development. He is also the host of the Fast Leader Show.