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The industry’s first and only blended and virtual learning system for rapid skill development that contains a Community of Practice (CoP), boot camps, industry insight webinars, micro-learning, elearning and virtual coaching for emerging and existing contact center supervisors.

“This is built for today’s day and age. Nobody wants to sit through Lecture Series 101.”

Dir of Operations, Fortune 1000 Insurance Company
Michael Pace, President, Northeast Contact Center Forum

“There’s nothing else out there that addresses how to take a successful agent and develop them into a successful supervisor – until now.”

Michael Pace, President, Northeast Contact Center Forum

“I’ve seen nothing like this in this industry, this is exactly what we’ve been needing.”

Industry Expert, Author, Speaker, Consultant

Call Center Coach is the only virtual call center learning and peer community that is exclusively for supervisors and emerging leaders. No more information overload and coaching void. No more wasted money, time, or effort. Just results.

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