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These Two Little Tips are Making Contact Centers Rich

Travel the world over and you’ll find that contact centers have some similar trials and tribulations attempting to deliver great customer service. So, you can bet that these little tips are certain to make your contact center rich with great customer experiences. These Two Little Tips are Making Contact Centers Rich Click to Tweet Leader Rant As I say, [...]

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Is your chatbot contact center smart?

If you read the media hype about chatbots, you might get worried thinking that Artificial Intelligence will cause widespread contact center extinction. During this interview with CTO Alex Black of Enghouse Interactive, we share a different perspective. You need to focus on making your chatbot contact center smart. Is your chatbot contact center smart? Click to Tweet We have [...]

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Avoid IVR Jail and Release the Customer Journey

Last year, roughly 1 in 8 Americans used GetHuman. GetHuman started back on 2006 when, founder of several software companies, Paul English became enraged when he was locked in Verizon’s IVR jail. Now GetHuman tries to create a better customer journey and take care of customer service problems for people. Avoid IVR Jail and Release the Customer Journey Click [...]

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How Dumb is it for Your Supervisors to Support Agents?

It’s simple. Your agents need help with a customer, all they have to do is raise their hand. But how dumb is that in today’s omnichannel and remote agent world? Okay, just raise a flag then. That’s not much smarter. How dumb is it for your supervisors to support agents? Click to Tweet One of my favorite projects that [...]

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How are you raising customer expectations too high?

Evolving customer expectations present an enormous opportunity for organizations to differentiate service, but at what cost? Economic unpredictability and raising customer demands have put a strain on contact centers everywhere. But are you part of the problem? Are you raising customer expectations too high? Are you the cause for the bar being raised higher? How are you raising customer [...]

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Is Omnichannel Language Support in your Contact Center Strategy?

It's a $40 billion industry and the fourth fastest growing according to Common Sense Advisory. But the language industry is possibly the largest industry sector you have never heard of. Yet, as we know, language is crucial in providing a great customer experience. In our ever-growing global economy, omnichannel language support needs to be included in your contact center [...]