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Dustin Yu Shares Getting More Conversions with Live Chat

Chat has long been touted as a means to lower costs in contact centers. But in today's marketplace that is a blind way to view chat. You must see that chat is a way for you to get more conversions and drive higher revenue while saving costs. If you do not include getting more conversions in your chat strategy [...]

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Pete Jones of Grypp Talks Sales and Service Platforms

Does your customer journey go beyond the simple and routine? If you need more than just simple product descriptions and frequently asked questions to make a sale and service customers are your people properly equipped? Delivering a great customer experience is not possible even if you have the most modern communication platform. More sophisticated sales and service interactions require [...]

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PACE and Change in Contact Centers is Moving Quickly

What if your ability to improve the customer experience was taken away? Do you think your customers would give you a break because you were restricted from doing the right thing? And are you breaking any laws while trying to engage with customers? "Are you breaking any laws while trying to engage with customers?" Click to Tweet So many [...]

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Customer Service Reps Exposed: An Ongoing Cover Up

In a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy from Benjamin Franklin in 1789, he writes “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” In the customer service world there are certainties as well, just like death and taxes. And just like [...]

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How 12 Customer Service Failures Could Have Been Prevented

It’s easy to make mistakes and fail at customer service. We have all experienced poor service. Nobody is immune from it. And I must admit, I’m guilty of causing a few (maybe more) poor experiences in my career. As a long-time industry veteran, the more customer interactions you have, the more chances you have to fail. So for me, [...]

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Stunned and abused – targets of uncivil customers

Social media is full of poor customer service and stories about employees who don’t care. It’s an easy platform to share with the world how you have been wronged. But I find myself becoming very concerned when I see customers applauded and glorified when they retaliate in outlandish ways. (Man destroys T-Mobile Store) Are we promoting incivility? Are we [...]

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