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Founded in 1999

Call Center Coach fills the developmental needs for Call Center Supervisors, Managers and Leads for their professional and personal development, ultimately to support bottom line results for organizations. Because most Supervisors and Managers have previously been superior reps promoted into a leadership position, they often are not provided the tools and training needed to thrive, rather they learn on the job. And a large percentage fail as a result.

Because they are the true heroes that manage day to day front line operations critical to the customer experience, giving them practical and applicable skills has been the focus for the solutions created by Call Center Coach. With a combination of eLearning, coaching, videos, webinars, articles, guides, and more, so emerging leaders have a Success Path to use in their Personal Development Plan.

As the industry has evolved, so has the mission of Call Center Coach to continue to arm Call Center Supervisors and Managers with skills and know-how for success!

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The Fast Leader Show is a docuedutainment (don’t look it up I made it up) podcast released each Wednesday and hosted by Jim Rembach. Each week, Jim introduces you to real folks (from the call center industry and beyond) with real stories of how they were able to get over the hump and lead themselves or others better…faster. You’ll learn how to become a better leader (faster) through their stories by improving your employee and customer engagement through the power of improving your emotional intelligence. Get more human-centric and move onward and upward…faster.

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Our Advisory Board…

The Call Center Coach Advisory Board plays an important role in shaping our solutions. Members of the board share their time and expertise by evaluating proposed courses and areas of need. The board’s expertise weighs heavily in the overall planning and strategy.

Jim Rembach
Jim RembachBoard Chair
A former frontline call center supervisor that has spent more than twenty years as a strategic and tactical advisor who specializes in using analytics. Jim was on the development team for the J.D. Power and Associates Contact Center Certification program and is a Certified Call Center Auditor, Certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) practitioner, and Employee Retention Specialist. Jim has authored nine books regarding contact center quality, employee engagement, customer experience and leadership development.
Dee Kohler
Dee KohlerAdvisory Board
Dee is a wife, mother, grandmother and a long-time contact center leader. She is a J.D. Power & Associates award-winning operations professional with experience applying contact center best practice principles across multiple industries.

Dee has over 20 years’ leading the customer experience in corporate, not-for-profit, and government settings, with companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska, Prime Therapeutics, and Boys Town.

Chuck Udzinski
Chuck UdzinskiAdvisory Board
Chuck is known for developing contact center cultures that focused on exceeding the customers’ expectations.

For almost twenty years at Stanley Black & Decker he created an environment in which customers enjoyed a high-level of service where employees were motivated to deliver top performance resulting end-user brand insistence. He is currently a client success manager with Oracle, helping customers of Oracle receive the most value from the applications they purchase.

Nate Brown
Nate BrownAdvisory Board
Nate has held a variety of roles in the services department of UL Workplace Health and Safety including Customer Service Representative, Migration Consultant, Training Manager, and Support Manager.

Nate is a blogger and speaking. He has led sessions on Customer Effort Score, Gamification and Employee Engagement. He is the author and founder of the blog

Jesse Jackson
Jesse JacksonAdvisory Board
For over 30 years Jesse has worked in a contact center with roles in inbound sales, outbound telemarketing, customer service, technical support, been an agent, a supervisor, manager and a director. He believes that successful contact centers strive for excellent customer service, a culture of constant improvement and a place where you should laugh often.
Jeremy Watkin
Jeremy WatkinAdvisory Board
Jeremy is the Head of Quality for FCR. Prior to joining FCR, Jeremy worked everywhere in customer service from the front lines to Director at TierraNet and With more than 15 years of customer service experience,

Jeremy frequently writes about his journey toward being better at customer service and life at

Chris Lah
Chris LahAdvisory Board
Chris is the Senior Director of Revenue Cycle Customer Service at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Prior to that he managed the business operations and call center for the Mayfield Clinic, lead the project management office for Anthem (now Wellpoint).

His service teams have achieved J. D. Power & Associates certification 6 years in a row and have won national team awards for excellence on three different occasions.

Kristy Powers
Kristy PowersAdvisory Board
Kristy has built three industry recognized contact centers from the ground up and led positive changes toward award-winning service in two others.

Currently, she is the Manager of Quality Service with Navy Federal Credit Union, the world’s largest credit union and their 3500 person contact center.

Michael Tudor
Michael TudorAdvisory Board
Michael is a results-driven operations and customer service professional with more than 20 years experience creating memorable customer experiences. He thrives in creating that engage employees and improve performance. His unique coaching and mentoring skills leading to strong leaders and deep succession plan.

He currently manages the entire team of supervisors, representatives and virtual employees handling customer service inquiries and problems for Express Scripts in Pueblo, Colorado