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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Call Center Coach, LLC TM to facilitate holistic and aligned human resource processes that support satisfied employees, customers and positive bottom line business results.
About Call Center Coach, LLC

Anne G. Nickerson

Anne Nickerson is one of America’s leading experts on the nearly 100,000 call centers across the country that answer millions of customer calls every day of the week. She helps companies and non-profit organizations improve customer satisfaction while, at the same time, helping them use every customer contact to increase revenues and profits.

Call centers are big business, employing about 4 million agents, generating billions of dollars in annual revenues, and often representing the only “personal” contact a customer may have with a company or non-profit organization.

As a nationally recognized authority on the subject, Nickerson is a frequent seminar leader for the Incoming Calls Management Institute (ICMI) and other industry and business groups. She is also a prolific author. Nickerson has published more than 50 articles and recently published her first book, Not by the Seat of My Pants, to help call-center employees prepare to become effective leaders in what is a highly competitive, fast-paced industry.

Nickerson’s experience spans more than twenty years in the field of executive and professional coaching, organizational development, team-building, facilitation and customized training. She started her career in customer service and call-center management at CIGNA Healthcare, where she served as Director of Training, Performance and Leadership Development. She subsequently helped create best training and leadership practices for all of CIGNA’s business units, before beginning her Connecticut-based consulting business.

Nickerson is principal and founder of Call Center Coach, LLC, which focuses on executive coaching and management development. She holds a B.S. degree in Consumer Education from the State University of New York at Buffalo and an M.S. degree in Human Development and Adult Education from Syracuse University.

Nickerson is available to discuss a variety of issues of interest to consumers and businesses, including:

How do consumers define good customer service…and why aren’t they receiving it?

How does a company tap into the gold mine of data being generated by its call centers?

Why do call center revenues keep growing?

How can call centers be used to create a competitive edge?

Why should customer service be part of the sales department?


How does telephone coaching work?

You have a choice of formats and fees, depending on your individual needs and the needs of your business. You may have one particular question which requires a short session or two, or perhaps you need support on putting together a total new strategy which requires short sessions over a period of time. The first 15 minutes is always free to determine your needs, discuss the best format and agree on fees. Several customers bring whole teams around the phone for a discounted rate.

Payment is received up front so that we both stay committed to the time and energy necessary for coaching. Use the coachability index to determine if you're ready! We will review your results and contact you to schedule a Free 15-minute review.

What have others asked for coaching on?

  • How can I improve the morale at my service center?
  • What are ways I can better screen and hire my reps?
  • What is the best process to use for tracking and monitoring the quality of calls?
  • I'm thinking of implementing more computer-based training. What are some watchouts and criteria to ensure success?
  • I'm not sure about my career growth--what should I be focusing on to be marketable in the future?
  • How can I improve how our supervisors conduct representative coaching : process, skills training, facilitated calibration session
  • What should I be looking at on my ACD reports and what do they tell me?
  • What can I change in training to do it more efficiently and effectively?
  • How do I get different teams to help each other out during busy peaks?
  • What should I do to plan for moving reps to an e-mail queue and other multi-channels customer contacts?
  • How do I reduce my shrinkage?
  • How do I build a career path for my reps and supervisors?

Who is the coach?

Anne Nickerson is the expert coach on Human Resources topics processes. She coordinates known experts in technology and work flow as requests indicate. Partners include: Incoming Calls Management Institute, Purdue University, ATT College for Call Center Excellence, Manpower, and other private consultants.

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